Per Axbom

Founder and Principal at Axbom Innovation AB

Solna, Sweden


Per Axbom has worked with digital processes since the mid-nineties and been a thought leader in Sweden for usability, accessibility and UX. His passion for interviews, sketching and prototypes enables him to understand vividly and explain clearly.

Through the years Per has been an advisor and consultant for more than 60 organisations, startups and leading international companies. During four years he worked as the UX lead for Sweden’s national platform for online behavioural therapy, soon realizing that patients can suffer while designers walk free from accountability.

With blog posts and UX Podcast Per contributes to increased understanding for human-centered design and is always pushing the boundaries for the definition of UX. He is keen on ethics in design and is working on a book to help digital creators integrate moral thinking in design processes.

Workshop February 22, 13:45 - 17:15

Mostly Harmless: Design for Digital with a Conscience