So… you think you’re a good person.

We have never been better at increasing efficiency and rushing to keep pace with run-away technical developments. But although we may be better at doing things the right way, how do we ensure that we are making the right things? How do we know what harm our designs contribute to? The demand for managing ethical queries, before we let technology make decisions for us, often clashes with the misconception that we are always one step behind technical advances.

Marginalized people are getting hurt because of the decisions we make.

In his talk Per Axbom explains why we as humans make bad decisions, how empathy can sometimes be our enemy, and guides us through methods and practical tools for bringing moral judgment into our decision processes. By taking into account positive and negative impact we can better control not only efficiency but also goal fulfilment. All the while, hopefully, staying on the right side of history.

February 23rd


Per Axbom